Family Tea


6Cups Family Tea

Family tea is a blend of 6 feelings - love, affection, caring, anger, respect, trust, etc., 6CUPS TEA is known for its family values and how their feelings and tastes differ, Family tea blends in a way to give best taste for the family and protecting all the 6 feelings just by a sip of 6CUPS TEA.

We value all the family members, 6CUPS TEA makes you alert and relaxed for the whole family, viz, grand father, grand mother, mother, father, son, daughter - this forms 6CUPS TEA

6cups is the ultimate symbol of excellence. Sourced from the best tea providers across India, its tea leaves consist are sourced from the 6 different parts of India, which gives it a distinct taste, unique color and an amazing aroma. A family’s delight, pumped up with rich antioxidants, they score perfect A’s on the health front as well.

All in all, a complete packaged tea suited for the eminent. You will surely miss something if you miss out on the on this classic experience.

Pack Sizes Available: Rs.5, Rs.10, 50gm, 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg